Nichola Theakston - gallery 2
Nichola Theakston  - ceramic sculpture
limited edition
limited edition sculpture available to order.
prices range from £200-£1400. please contact me for further information.
'Jousting Hares'. edition 24. 2014. H 56cm x l 46cm.
'Hare head ' terracotta sculpture limited edition of 40. 35cm h.
'Large Seated Fox'. fox sculpture. 2012.Stoneware. ED 36. 33cm h x 32cm l
'Arctic Bear.' Polar bear sculpture'. Limited edition of 24.  2012 edition. 39cm x 19cm
'White Rhino and calf'.  Limited edition of 24.  Mother only available.Stoneware ceramic. 61cm l x 29cm
'Shadow Boxer no.1' stoneware ceramic 75cm h.
'Trotting Hog'  Ltd Ed 12. Stoneware
Rook. Limited edition sculpture in stoneware ceramic.
'Standing silverback' new edition for 2014 - in progress.
'hunched hare' 2012 open edition.  Hare sculpture. 41cm h. stoneware hare sculpture.
'Silverback' 2012.  Edition sold.
'Of Water and Dust'. Terracotta sculpture. 49cm x 30cm. edition of 24 contact me for details of availability for this edition.
large sphinx hare. 2011. limited edition of 40. Hare sculpture.54cm l x 20cm h
'Badger'  Open edition 2011.
'Charging Rhino'.  Limited edition of 24. Stoneware ceramic. 29cm h x 57cm l
'Little Classical Rhino'. Limited edition of 40. Stoneware ceramic. 23 cm h x 34 cm l
'Bellowing Stag'. open edition. 46cm l x 48cm h.